DTAG Mission Statement

           Create an environment of continuous learning and development through training, seminars, and exposure to electric utility industry best practices. Promote collaboration and forum for exchange of ideas on existing and evolving challenges, trends and solutions that impact our business.  Embrace emerging technologies and automation while supporting best practices with safety, security and compliance.   Being that DTAG is vendor agnostics, focus on technical aspects of products and schemes that enhance reliability, reduce indices (SADI, MAIFI), enable accurate revenue billing and provide SCADA communications and maintenance services in an efficient and effective manner.

DTAG Officers

President: Russell O’Neal Canoochee EMC
Vice President: Eddie Facey Cobb EMC
Secretary: Jake Hopkins Flint EMC
Technology Officer: Justin Wren Coweta Fayette EMC
Treasurer: Anthony Wright GTC

DTAG 2022 Committee Members
Kathy Anderson GTC
Brandi Williams GTC